Who can vote?
A person who is a member of Gracepoint and who attends the Annual or Special Society (Congregational) Meeting at which voting takes place.
What are we voting for?
Each Methodist congregation (Society) is led through a leadership partnership of the ministers (pastors) and a group of up to 10 lay people called Society Stewards.

Voting Procedure:

  1. Members may, after consultation with a Gracepoint member and after finding someone to second the nomination, nominate that person to stand. The Nomination Form should be submitted by email to by Monday 22nd January 2024.
  2. Those nominated will meet with the Lead Pastor who will explain to them the duties of Society Stewards. At this meeting, nominees will have the opportunity to make a final decision about whether to stand for nomination.
  3. Profiles of nominees will be shared with the congregation ahead of the Society Meeting at which voting will take place.
  4. Voting will take place at a Society Meeting, and the names of those thus appointed will be shared with the congregation. Each member has one vote per Society Steward being elected.

What is the job description of a Society Steward?
Society Stewards:

  1. Cooperate with the Ministers and Leaders meeting in all that will promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of the congregation.
  2. See that all administrative matters are dealt with.
  3. Participate in inviting a new minister when a replacement is due.
  4. Act as confidant to the Ministers and are aware of their and their family’s needs.
  5. Initiate action that would promote new growth and address challenges in the life of the congregation.
  6. Be attentive of the needs of the congregation and communicate these to the staff.
  7. Meet regularly to achieve these needs.
    Society Stewards are elected for a three-year term up to a maximum of three terms.

    What kind of person should we vote for?

    Society Stewards should have the gift of leadership and discernment and should work well in a team. They:

    1. Must be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.
    2. Must be a member of Gracepoint.
    3. Must practice the spiritual disciplines of regular worship, prayer, giving, service and fellowship.
    4. Must attend the Fast Forward Leaders meeting and the Circuit Quarterly Meeting.
    5. Must attend other leadership development courses and conferences.
      In line with our celebration of diversity, there should be no less than 40% female representation and 20% youth (under 35 years of age) representation on the Society Steward body. At this election, we need three new Society Stewards, at least of them must be under 35 years of age.
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