Message to the Methodist People

2021 Conference Newsletter

“Many across the world are hurting and Africa is bleeding! In times of trouble such as these, it is natural to feel crushed,
devastated, overwhelmed and hopeless. The question that arises for the church is; “How do we sustain hope and healing?
It does help to appeal to the Scriptures and to our heritage and remind ourselves who we are and our reason for being.”

Devotional & Study Resources

Plant & Grow” – by Hloni Lepele & Ilse Werle

– 20 June

Home Group & Devotional Material

It was accepted practice that opposing armies would choose a champion to fight on their behalf to settle a conflict. People believed that such individuals represented their gods who actually fought the battle, so only one champion was necessary.

A Time of Healing & Transition” – Paul Verryn

– 13 June

Home Group & Devotional Material

The woman walked half a mile to get to the well in the middle of the day. There was water in the town where she lived (Sychar) and it was usual for women to draw water early in the morning. Yet here she was.

John describes Jesus as a weary traveller resting in the heat of the day, but still He is sympathetic to the woman who is there too. The conversation itself is healing.

“Evolving Love” by Jacqui Rivas 6 June

Home Group & Devotional Material

Paul’s letter to the Romans is both complicated and carefully constructed. This passage in chapter 8 is the culmination of Paul’s writings about the issue of having a right relationship with God. Paul asserts the only way to do this is to accept and believe what Christ has done for humanity, thus opening the door for God’s grace to restore such a relationship between humankind and Himself.

“Trinity Sunday” – Paul Verryn – 30 May

Home Group & Devotional Material

Whilst the Trinity is not mentioned in the Scriptures it is a theology that has developed as a result of people’s experience over time which sums up the understanding that God is love. It is an attempt by humanity to describe the God who cannot be described for He is without limit and yet He is the essence of who we are. He is in time and yet out of time. He is indescribable.

“Pentecost Sunday” – Jacqui Rivas – 23 May

Home Group & Devotional Material

Jewish men who lived within a 32 kilometre (20 mile) radius of Jerusalem were expected to attend three great Jewish Festivals during the year – Passover, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. On the day when the Church first came into being, Pentecost was being celebrated. It was a feast that was celebrated fifty days after the Passover (when the sacrificial lambs had been slaughtered prior to the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt). It commemorated the giving of the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai and was an expression of gratitude to God for the harvest.

We Are Yours” by Similo Sanqela – 16 May

Home Group & Devotional Material

Chapter 17 of John’s Gospel contains the longest prayer in the whole of the New Testament. It is Jesus’ own prayer – for Himself, His apostles and His followers for all time. His words contain His own consecration as the supreme sacrifice for humanity; His prayer for all people – and His prayer for unity. Within the following verses we witness the oneness of Christ and the Father through this intimate conversation.

No Greater Love” by Jacqui Rivas – 9 May

Home Group & Devotional Material

Just as Jesus was in continual contact with His Father and kept God’s commandments, so His followers, need to take intentional action to do the same. Jesus encourages His disciples down the ages to live their lives in close proximity to Him in order to be able to live in God’s love. It is the individual’s choice as to whether they do this or not.

Abide in Me” by Paul Verryn – 2 May

Home Group & Devotional Material

The Lord’s use of the phrase, ‘Simon, son of John,’ would have been emotional for Peter as this was how Jesus had addressed him when he confessed that Jesus was the Christ (Matthew 16:16-17). Jesus does not explain who or what ‘these’ are. The word could include the other disciples, his love of fishing, or the catch itself. Jesus could have been asking whether Peter loved him more than all the trap-pings and material things of his life.

Listen to my voice” by Jacqui Rivas– 25 April

Home Group & Devotional Material

The symbolism of the Good Shepherd would have been well understood by the people who heard Jesus tell the story. Shepherds were common in Israel. Instead of using dogs to herd their sheep they would live so closely to the sheep, and even name them, so that the animals came to recognise the voice of their own shepherd and would run to him when he called them by name.

Touch and See” by Similo Sanqela – 18 April

Home Group & Devotional Material

Jesus often spoke the words ‘Peace be with you,’ and he did so when he appeared before his disciples in the upper room to reassure and comfort them, but their reaction was not encouraging for they were terrified when he suddenly appeared. Instead of joy at seeing him alive, there was alarm. It was important for the future of the church for Jesus to convince them that he was real and alive

“Living the Resurrection” by Sipho Lukhozi – 11 April

Home Group & Devotional Material

It is likely the disciples continued to meet in the upper room where they had last been with Jesus, but this time they were afraid that they, as known companions of Jesus, may be next to be arrested and killed. So they listened for every footstep on the stairs outside the door. But Jesus did not climb the steps. He was suddenly just there, amongst them, greeting them with the everyday greeting they had used all their lives.

“Stations of the Cross” 28 March 2021

Welcome to Holy Week 2021

As we journey together this Holy Week, we celebrate the start of this Passion Week declaring Jesus is King of Kings. The triumphant entry of our Saviour into Jerusalem ushers in The Way of the Cross.

Download the PDF to get all the “Stations of the Cross” as we meditate on what Christ went through for us during Holy Week (Passion Week).

“Salt and Light” 24 February 2021

Scripture: Read Matthew 5:13-16
Open your mind and heart as you read the passage of Scripture aloud and then again quietly to yourself. Listen for God’s word to you.

Download the PDF for the full devotional and additional study points to build yourself up

“Ash Wednesday” 17 February 2021

(From William Barclay)
Scripture: Read as much of the Sermon on the Mount as time allows
(Matthew 5-7, but at least Matthew 5:1-19)

Download the PDF for the full devotional and additional study points to build yourself up

HT Homegroup material Week 5

Download the PDF for the Hot Topics Homegroup Study

HT Homegroup material Week 4

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HT Homegroup material Week 3

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