Exodus 24:12-18
Matthew 17:1-9

Open your mind and heart as you read the passage of Scripture aloud and then again quietly to yourself. Listen for God’s word to you. Spend some time in worship.




Exodus 24:12-18
The nation of Israel was camped at the base of the mountain. The elders went half way up and stopped
there. Moses and Joshua continued to climb and then stopped and waited for six days until God called
Moses to climb higher alone. Whilst the people at the bottom of the mountain could not see what was
going on, they could see the glow, like fire, of the glory of God’s presence as He settled on the summit
for the whole forty days He was meeting with Moses. This was a hostile place, covered in cloud, yet
God called Moses to draw near to Him
Matthew 17:1-9
Jesus took Peter, James and John with Him for another mountain-top experience. Scholars differ in
their opinions as to which mountain this was. The word transfigured suggests an inward change as well
as a change in appearance. Spurgeon commented that it was a greater miracle for Jesus to conceal His
glory than to reveal it.
Moses preceded Jesus by about 1400 years and Elijah by some 900 years, yet they were both alive in
some form of glorified resurrected state. Moses represented the Law and Elijah the Prophets. The Old
Testament in its totality met with Jesus on the mountain top. The two men talked with Jesus about the
coming event of the cross and His resurrection. As he often did, Peter spoke without thinking, and
perhaps without understanding as he offered to build shrines for Jesus, Moses and Elijah, thus bringing
Jesus down to the level of the two men who appeared with Him.
Once again, as it did with Moses hundreds of years before, the cloud of God’s glory surrounded them
to protect them for no one can see God and live. God interrupted Peter! It was necessary the disciples
understood that Jesus was not equal to any man. He was unique and He was the beloved Son of the
Father. God instructed them to hear Jesus. In this way God set Jesus above the Law and the Prophets
and all other religious leaders by declaring Him His only begotten Son.
After all that had happened, it is only now, when the disciples hear the voice of God that they fall on
their faces from fear. Straight away Jesus comforts them and tells them not to be afraid. When they
looked again, Jesus was alone with them on the mountain top. They were in awe of Him. They had
seen Him in a new way that aimed to reassure them He was indeed the Messiah.


Have you ever felt you should do something for someone but really did not want to? Did you walk away or did you do it in the end? What helped you to make your decision? What happened? How do you now feel about the situation that resulted?


  • How do you see God? Let each member of the group answer this first question, then go round
    the group once again when you have heard everyone’s answer. How do the different answers
    differ/effect your way of seeing God?
  • Are you open to new ways? Why/why not? What would you like to see change at Gracepoint
    under new ministerial leadership? What would you really like to stay the same?
  • Do you see the extraordinary in the ordinary? The awe of a bird flying across the setting sun?
    The fingernails of a baby? Dew on an opening rosebud? The effort of a child to succeed? What
    was the latest thing you saw that was extraordinary? Why did you find it so? If you do not do
    this, how can you begin to do so? How do others in the group do so?
  • There is always more to Jesus than meets the eye? Have you found this is so? What happened?
  • What would you say is the most spectacular aspect of Gracepoint and the faith, love, service etc
    that you have found there? Again, note the different answers people in the group give. Does the
    variety of answers enable you to see Gracepoint with new eyes?
  • Transformation is an on-going process as we encounter Jesus again and again. Look back over
    the last year or so. How has your faith grown since this time last year? How has your picture of
    God changed? Do you see Him as a loving, caring father or as your sovereign Lord? Or do you
    see Him in both roles? How does this picture limit your faith? Are you willing to see God with
    new eyes and follow Him wherever He may lead you? Why/why not?
  • How can the group help you with the struggles you have mentioned during this session?


Pray for one another in regard to the issues that have been raised during your discussion time, and in
regard to other needs of the group.

How can you support Ian and Similo as they settle into their combined ministerial roles in the coming
days. What can you do that is unique to you that would increase the work that Gracepoint strives to do
for the Kingdom of God in this place? Share with one another next week and let the Church know what
decisions you make in this regard.


Exodus Chapter 24

Matthew Chapter 17

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