Romans 12:2

Ephesians 2:8-9

Open your mind and heart as you read the passage of Scripture aloud and then again quietly to yourself. Listen for God’s word to you.




Romans 12:2

The world is successful at persuading people that its popular culture and thought patterns are right. Paul warns his readers in Rome that this way is not of God and it must be rejected. He urges believers to come into line with the way God thinks through the transforming of their minds. What is important is not feelings or action but discovering the answer to the questions ‘What is truth?’ and ‘What does God’s word say?’

The Greek word for transformed is metamorphoo which is the word used to describe Jesus on the mountain during His transfiguration. As believers spend time with God, they will be transformed in a glorious way. As this internal transformation occurs, people will begin to see evidence of it in the way believers live their lives for they will live according to the will of God  through the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 2:8-9

Salvation is solely a gift of grace. Nothing anyone can do or say will result in salvation. No one deserves to be saved. It is a gift of God because He loves. The emphasis in this sentence is salvation, not faith, for faith is an act of the will of the person who believes – a decision they take for themselves. No one can decide to be saved – only God can give that gift.

As a result, no one can boast that they are saved through anything they have accomplished.

Meditation moments:

Day 1

Read Romans 12:2

What does the transforming of your mind mean to you at this moment of time? How can you see this transformation happening in your life? Speak to Jesus about these things. What does He say and how will you respond?

Day 2

Read Ephesians 2:8-9

Spend some time with God today thanking Him and praising Him for His free gift of salvation; for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross when He paid the price for every human being in all time. But especially for you.

Day 3

Read Psalm 18:2

Where do you see Jesus being your Rock, Fortress and Deliverer today? Where do you need refuge? Tell Jesus about these places of insecurity and thank Him for the refuge He always offers you. Make use of that security today.

Day 4

Read Psalm 27:1

How is God your light? How are you light to the world? Ask Jesus to show you how you can be His light to your world – and then shine for Him today.

Day 5

Read Psalm 27:1

What makes you feel afraid? In the light of the readings this week about God being your fortress and your refuge, look your fear in the face. Name it. Tell it how big your God is and how small it is in comparison. Praise God that He is always available to you for protection. Do this every time your fear raises its head until it is too small to worry you anymore.

Group Discussion


How do you think you have changed the most in the past six months? What makes you answer in this way?


  • How does the thought that salvation is a free gift of God given to undeserving people make you feel? Does this feeling intensify when you think of it as a personal gift to you, knowing your past and your present and who you really are? Share with the group what you would say to God in regard to your salvation today.
  • How willing are you to change for God? Is it easy for you to break the patterns of behaviour you are used to, or is it a struggle for you? How is God challenging you at this point in time? How are you responding?
  • When you look at local and/or world events at this current time, what hope can you offer to those around you who are in despair?
  • What has been your latest conversion experience? Briefly share it with the group. How has it made you more like Jesus?
  • What does it mean for you to be called to a life of faith?
  • How do you show up as Jesus at home, at work, at school, wherever you spend time Where are you shining for Him – and where is it difficult to do so? Why do you find this place (these places) a challenge?
  • How is Jesus transforming you?
  • How can the group help you with the struggles you have mentioned during this session?


Name and pray for those you know who have not yet come to Jesus and prayed for His free gift of salvation. Pray for one another in regard to the issues that have been raised during your discussion time, and in regard to other needs of the group.


Go into this next week willing to shine for Jesus – to show up for Him. Next week share with the group what happened as a result


Bible Commentary

Romans 12; Ephesians 2

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