Connexion 14.05.2017 by Gary Rivas

Connexion 14.05.2017 by Gary Rivas

Can we set a bit of foundation of where we come from, where we are and where we going!

We believe we are called to be a WELCOMING CHURCH!
We have come from a place where we have said a welcoming church is one that is critical to our landscape at the moment!

There’s probably nothing more life changing than feeling unwelcome in any place! We will always remember a person or place that has made us feel unwelcome!

But on the flip side of that, we will always remember people, that made us feel welcome!

Our Prayer is that this Church will always be a WELCOMING Church. Explore and live meaningful expressions of LOVE! This is after all, the GREAT COMMANDMENT!

We believe we are called to be a WINNING CHURCH!
Becoming a Christ follower is really just entry into the race, it’s as if you’ve entered the start of the race, but the rest of the time we are called to actually run the race! It means we have to be determined in our FAITH & DISCIPLINED in our lives as Christ follower. (1 Corinthians 9:24)

We need to be clear about where we going, and growing in faith is part of it. As a result we are embarking on a few programmes to deepen our walk with Christ!

This will help create space for God to shape our lives and explore faith, through prayer, stewardship, social transformation, by showing up as a giver and leading and serving. As part of our demonstration of this, we will be Launching our 24/7 PRAYER Room at our Ascension Day Service on Thursday 25th May at 10am.

We believe we are called to be a WITNESSING CHURCH!
To testify and tell people what is happened in our lives, what difference He has been in our lives! We are God’s witnesses here on earth! (Matthew 28:18-20)

In essence, we are like Paul, who’d write these letters to the church in Corinth, we are living letters that go from this place to tell a story, of what Jesus has done for us.

Effective witnessing is displayed through our story of unity, in evangelism, restoration, revival, and the way we talk, and live out our lives in the power of the Holy Spirit! (Acts 1:8)