Gracepoint at a glance

Living a changed life in Gods eyes

We believe that God has called us to be a place of grace in which all people can discover and experience the infinite, life-changing grace of Jesus Christ, as well as the grace of a community that has been transformed by His love. We seek to continually learn to extend grace to one another, to our communities and ourselves as we receive and are changed by God’s grace for us. We also believe that we are called to be transformational people who are continually being changed and transformed into the likeness of Christ. We seek to live changed lives that will impact the world around us. We believe that the grace we experience will and must lead to restoration, healing and change – to living differently and authentically in the fullness of life God give us.

From humble beginnings

A successful BMC church plant

Gracepoint started out as a Lonehill Methodist Church in 2004. A church plant that originated through Bryanston Methodist Church. In 2012 we launched our satellite campus in Paulshof, Phelang Ka Mohau Campus and a new and different kind of campus that is going to open soon in the Leeuwkop Prison for inmates and wardens.

God has been shaping and forming us, growing the church from a handful of members to a vibrant church community with in excess of 1800 members of all ages. Our journey so far has been a story of the faithfulness of God and of His people that together, have become a community and continue to be the Church in ways that bring about transformation, healing and justice as God’s glory is revealed and His purposes are established.

Church practice and beliefs

1.) Baptism – A confession of faith

Infants are baptised upon confession of their parents’ faith and because they desire to raise their child in a God-honouring way. At a baptism, parents promise to do their utmost to ensure that their children will one day be able to make their own decision to follow Christ.

Infant baptisms also invites the community of faith to covenant with the parents to help and support them in raising their child in a way that honours God and encourages their child to pursue a relationship with Christ.

Adults are baptised upon confession of faith in Christ as they choose. Baptism is symbolic of choosing to die with Christ and to be raised to new life with Him.

For more information about arranging either infant or adult baptism, please contact: baptisms@gracepoint.co.za

2.) Holy communion – an act of praise

Gracepoint takes part in holy communion on select Sundays as a reminder that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for us when he got up on the cross and took our sins on his shoulders.

“God our Father and our Mother, we give you thanks and praise for all that you have made, for the stars in their splendour and the world in its wonder and for the glorious gift of human life. With the saints and angels in heaven we praise your holy name.”