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Bringing hope to the vulnerable

Oversight of the GPCJ

We believe that as we are transformed by God’s grace, we must engage in issues of compassion and justice, bringing God’s hope and light to the most vulnerable. The GCPJ is led by six leaders (non-staff) along with our CJ Coordinator (staff member) as well as a senior minister. The team is mandated to proactively look at ways in which to grow justice/service work within the church while at the same time being responsible for the available resources at the churches disposal.

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Our mandate & vision

  • To proclaim Good News to the poor
  • To bring hope to the broken hearted
  • To seek justice for the oppressed
  • To proclaim God’s grace for all

10% of the income received at Gracepoint is set aside for Compassion and Justice but we are always needing extra and we spend time building relationships to be able to supplement, enhance and give expression to the mission at hand. This is more than just about funding, it is primarily about building relationships and connecting community.

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Project pillars

Gracepoint’s Compassion and Justice projects into four pillars, namely:

  • Prison ministry
  • Compassion and relief
  • Education, and
  • Economic empowerment

This structure is not only designed to assist in management and review of projects, but aims to ensure the optimal amount of idea sharing and to ultimately ensure that the leaders and volunteers receive the type and amount of support that they require.

Give to the needy

An active faith requires more than belief, or assent. We demonstrate that belief in the way we live our lives. Through community service and humanitarian projects we can serve others and help them understand how we follow Christ.

Quentin L, Cook

Areas of involvement

Gracepoint is involved in roughly 20 projects. While many of these are essentially projects that Gracepoint is primarily responsible for, we also have a number of partner and affiliate projects, where other organisations are primarily responsible and Gracepoint merely plays a supporting role, by for example assisting with resources and volunteers. Click here for more detailed information on the projects below…

Compassion and relief

Prison ministry

  • Alpha Prison Ministry
  • Kairos Prison Ministry
  • Restorative Justice
  • School of Discipleship (Leeuwkop)
  • Church Services (Leeuwkop)


  • Akani
  • Albert Street
  • Lesedi School (Refilwe)
  • Isifundo Computer Literacy

Economic empowerment

  • Paradigm Shift
  • Vryburg Methodist
  • Isifundo Computer Literacy


July is Justice Month, which presents a wonderful opportunity for us to remember to keep putting our Faith into Action!

There are a number of events to take note of, including: 2 evenings of Crucial Conversations on 11th & 18th July, around issues that effect us all! As well as a community visit to Leewukop Prison Staff on the morning of the 18th, a Family Fun Run on Saturday 28th, to raise money, as well as drilling a borehole for the community in Itsoseng.

This year we also have our Harvest Sunday and our target is 500 food parcels for 500 needy families, which will be identified within our community and distributed during the month. Follow the link for more information on this initiative: Harvest Sunday

Week 1 (Get Positioned)


July is Justice month and as a Church, we believe God has called us to be a Sanctuary of LOVE to the world. We will be highlighting the need in our nation to transform lives through the channels of ministry through Compassion & Justice and bring empowerment & relief to desperate situations and people. We’ll be going through “Heartlines” devotional material, in our life groups as well as organizing some outreach activities.

Week 1 (Education)

Week 2 (Outreach)

Week 3 (Prison)

Week 4 (Economic Empowerment)