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Our Care Centre

Our vision for care

We aim to provide complete healing, wholeness and care. We look to train competent carers & lay-counsellors to be used as instruments of the Holy Spirit. This will enable us to embark on a journey alongside our members through any deep pain or loss they may be experiencing.

Healing & wholeness ministry areas

  • Prayer requests
  • home/hospital visits
  • Lay counselling and support groups
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Begin your journey today

1.) Request us to pray for you

At gracepoint we have three core prayer groups available to our community; a prayer chain, the boiler room as well as the Two or More (TOM) initiative.

  • Prayer chain – This team prays for the requests of the community on an ongoing and daily basis.
  • The boiler room – Is a prayer event that takes place at Gracepoint Glenferness every Thursday evening from 7-9pm.
  • Two or more (TOM) – Is a prayer ministry that meets for prayer every Thursday morning at 10am in the chapel at our Glenferness campus.
Send us your prayer request/s

2.) Enquire about a home or hospital visit

The Gracepoint Home and Hospital Visit Team visit those who are in the hospital, or at home and in need of support and prayer, those faced with unexpected struggles and in need of encouragement, and those who just need someone to talk to and pray with.

We can also visit the lonely, the elderly and the frail who need companionship, support, compassion and kindness at the request of our community. Feel free to enquire below, we are happy to assist where possible.

Request a home/hospital visit

3.) Book for counselling or additional support

With genuine concern, care and help for others, we strive to help people experience God’s hope, light and love. To heal, grow and flourish, so that they may come to live with purpose and meaning.

If you have any counselling requests or know of someone else who is in need of counselling feel free enquire below. Anything that is outside of our skills base will be referred to outside specialists or to our professional therapy team provided the individual/s consent to this beforehand.

Find Out more & Contact us to book a session